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A multi-component formula to support and maintain a healthy prostate.*
Take control of your health today with effective prostate support that works. Made with naturally sourced ingredients, it may help reduce urinary urges, improve bladder emptying and decrease nighttime bathroom trips!
Ignoring your prostate won’t help, but Prost-eze can!
The Prost-eze formula contains 10 powerful ingredients including a scientific breakthrough called Beta-Sitosterol. Beta-Sitosterol is a natural substance found in nearly every plant including saw palmetto berries. It has been studied for its several health benefits including improvements of urinary tract functioning and supporting normal prostate health. 
Contains only ingredients shown to be beneficial in research: lycopene from Lyc-O-Mato® whole tomato extract, soy isoflavones from Novasoy® whole soybean extract, vitamin D3, and natural low-dose selenium and vitamin E.
Prost-eze’s exclusive formula combines Beta-Sitosterol with other essential minerals including 100% of your daily value of vitamin D along with zinc, calcium and selenium to promote optimum health for men over 40. Each highly concentrated serving contains 250mg of Beta-Sitosterol and 600mg of mixed plant sterols. By comparison, you might have to take up to 100 same-size saw palmetto capsules to get the same amount of plant sterols in just 1 Prost-eze!
Made in the USA. Independently tested and certified by NSF, in a cGMP registered facility.

  • Promote healthy prostate Function
  • Reduce frequent urinary urges
  • Improve bladder emptying
  • Stronger urine flow
  • Fewer bathroom trips – day and night!

Take two (2) capsules per day, with food. Capsules can be taken together or at different times during the day.

Dye-free. Gluten-free. Gelatin capsules are made from certified BSE-free bovine gelatin